GHD-NET’s mission is to increase knowledge about GHD, improve training and education for those who engage in GHD, and innovate in the provision of advice into GHD processes. Through its website, publications, and other activities, GHD-ET will put in the public domain up-to-date information on research and training in this field. It will also track and report on current diplomatic negotiations that have direct or indirect impact on health policy and health.

GHD-Net has four functions: (1) act as a clearinghouse for GHD-related information; (2) enhance connectivity among network participants; (3) develop content for research, training and education; and (4) build capacity, especially in partnership with interested institutions and individuals in low-income countries.

GHD-NET will also identify the characteristics of health as a foreign policy and diplomatic issue and provide research, training, and policy-relevant inputs in order to contribute to improving the protection and promotion of health through foreign policy and diplomatic means.

GHD-NET defines “global health diplomacy” as the policy-shaping processes through which States, intergovernmental organizations, and non-State actors negotiate responses to health challenges or utilize health concepts or mechanisms in policy-shaping and negotiation strategies to achieve other political, economic, or social objectives.

Members of the GHD-NET wish to acknowledge the financial support of the Rockefeller Foundation for the preparation and the maintenance of this website.


For a one-page summary of GHD-NET’s roles and activities, please click here.