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May 2011

Margaret Reeves and Suzanne Brundage

CSIS Health Policy Center

September 2010

Chatham house

A Summary of the G20 Conference by Chatham House

Laurie Garrett and El'Haum Alavian (Fall 2010)

Council on Foreign Relations


By David P. Fidler 

Ilona Kickbusch, Wolfgang Hein, Gaudenz Silberschmidt


Emerging Issues

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The Lancet and University College London Institute for Global Health Commission

May 2009

Global Health Diplomacy


Rebecca Hatz et al.

The Milbank Quarterly


Santiago Alcázar

The Graduate Institute | Geneva


Mary Whelan

The Graduate Institute | Geneva


Ann Claxton | Vianney Rusagara | Betty Oloo

The Graduate Institute | Geneva

Global Health Programme

29 March 2011

Devi Sridhar, DPhil

Lawrence O. Gostin, JD

Katherine E.Bliss

(May 2011)

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

Raphael Lencucha, Anita Kothari and Ronald Labonté (4 November 2010)

Harley Feldbaum and ...

John J. Kirton and Jenilee M. Gueber

(May 2009)

David Fidler


Health and Foreign Policy


Santiago Alcázar

The Graduate Institute | Geneva


June 2011

David P Fidler

Centre on Global Health Security

Chatham House

18 April 2011


Ilona Kickbusch

May 2010

SIgrun Mogedal

Benedikte Louise Alveberg

Dev Sridhar (January 2008)

Ronald Labonté, Michelle L. Gagnon (14 June 2010)

A consultation background document


David Fidler


National Intelligence Council

December 2008