GHD-NET Conference

 On June 28, 2011, The Centre on Global Health Security at Chatham House hosted the inaugural annual meeting of the Global Health Diplomacy Network entitled 'Global Health Diplomacy,  A Way Forward in International Affairs'.

This event examined the legacy of the Oslo Declaration on Global Health and Foreign Policy, and how it continues to set the context for global health diplomacy. 

GHD-NET Conference

Conference Report

To read the report from the GHD-NET conference at Chatham House click here.



Speakers Lists and Biographies


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Event Programme

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Chantal Blouin

To view Chantal Blouin's presentation 'Global Health Diplomacy Network' click here.

Sueri Moon

To view Sueri Moon's presentation 'Rising Powers, Emerging Markets: Implications of Mulitpolarity for Intellectual Property Rules, Access to Medicines and Global Health' click here.

Kiristin Sandberg

To view Kirstin Sandberg's presentation 'Tackling cross-sectoral challenges: The role of research' click here.

Valerie Percival

To view Valerie Percival's presentation ' Health Diplomacy in Humanitarian Acton' click here.

William Onzivu

To view William Onzivu's presentation 'Regionalism and the re-invigoration of global health diplomacy: lessons from Africa' click here.

Rene Loewenson

To view Rene Loewenson's presentation 'Bringing local evidence to global processes for strengthening African voice in GHD' click here.

Richard Smith and Kelley Lee

To view Richard Smith and Kelley Lee's presentation 'Research Program on Global Health Diplomacy' click here.

To view the Richard Smith's presentation 'Research for Global Health Diplomacy' click here.